On The Concept of Legimetry / ლეგიმეტრიის შესახებ

Luka Mosashvili


In the present work I tried to describe legal instrument, which is automatically used in the reality, however, still not settled as an independent legal category. In the scientifi c literature there is not much information in that regard, though, it is hard to imagine functioning of fundamental legal institiute such as Court without it.
For the indication of the above mentioned instrument usually following words are used legal measurment and legimetry. The latter was initially mentioned in the work of American author Bob Bishop “Shades of Reality”, which represents mostly so called area “entertaining science” and does not have any claim for fundamental, theoretical research. In the specifi c legal scientifi c literature the contecnt of legimetry, its destination, areas for usage and signifi cance are discussed in details in the work of Mindia Ugrekhelidze: “From Legimetry to Legal Dimensiology”.


Legimetry; Quantifi cation; Measurement;

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