Contemporary Challenges of People’s Self‐Determination Right and Major International Legal Aspects of Its Implementation / ხალხთა თვითგამორკვევის უფლების თანამედროვე გამოწვევები და მისი განხორცილების ძირითადი საერთაშორისო სამართლებრივი ასპექტები

Levan Jakeli


Self-determination of people remains one of the most pressing and common problem in the world. The more frequent, ruthless and massive the struggle of people for this right becomes, the more intense and aggressive are governments’ efforts to suppress this struggle. States, international organizations and persons who have the selfdetermination right, basing on subjective interests and concealing them behind the legal framework, are still trying to get maximum political benefi ts from the armed confl ict for the self-determination right that causes serious damage to the world’s rule of law, governance, stability and security.
The present article includes legal issues related to the content of the people’s self-determination right and to its implementation with regard to the modern realities (non-colonial nature). The author tries to bring more legal clarity to understanding and using of people’s selfdetermination right, attempts to outline the legal grounds for using the right. Special emphasis in this article is given to the legal nature of the self-determination right under non-colonial regime.


Postcolonial;Conflict; Independence;

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