On Mechanisms for Controlling Hazardous Construction Materials and Buildings / სიცოცხლისათვის საშიში სამშენებლო მასალებისა და შენობა-ნაგებობების კონტროლის მექანიზმებთან დაკავშირებით

George G. Tumanishvili, Giorgi Chichinadze


In big cities of post-Soviet countries, population growth is linked to“more opportunities” for employment and self-realization at first glance, which at the same time results in the growing demand on real estate. The demand is met by new constructions performed at minimum cost in the environment of market economy and minimum state control. However, this often leads to the utilization of low-quality construction materials that sometimes pose threat to the human life or health.
This study addresses problematic issue(s) related to the research of legislative environment and mechanisms in Georgia, in connection to the control mechanisms regarding the hazardous construction materials and buildings.


environment; radon;asbestos;

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