Applicability of Natural Normative Order to the Economic, Political, Social and Legal Reality in the Light of Rule of Human Rights Law

Bidzina Savaneli


This arti cle is a pioneering scientific work at the intersecti on of natural human sciences, which aim is to ensure sustainable peace and prevent global economic, political, social and legal disorder under the aegis
of the Bill of Human Rights.
The proposed theory offers a new mechanism for overcoming existi ng disorders and preventing new disorders, and in the end – to open the door “to merge into the orders of order” (Shota Rustaveli XII c.).
The author has a noble goal to provoke the colleagues from different disciplines to parti cipate in the building of bridges between the economic, politi cal, social and legal sciences for properly “fitting” humanity in harmony with natural normative order.
The paper serves as a fruitf ul source of new ideas for students, researchers and professionals working in the field of physics, biology, anthropology,  economics, politics, sociology, jurisprudence, or related fields.


Universal Normative Order and Human Normative Order; Human Genetics and Bioethics; Positive Law and Legal Order; Economic Order and Social Disorder; Legal Order and State Law; Justice and Human Rights; Orders of Order;

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