Constitution as in Sub-and Interdiscipline "Gravitation Field" / კონსტიტუცია სუბ-და ინტერდისციპლინათა "გრავიტაციულ ველში"

Beka Kantaria


Constitution is a gain of the mankind. There is no country in the world without a constitution. Constitution is a versatile and multifunctional phenomenon.

The complex content thereof outlines a range of disciplines with their characteristic subject matter and methods. Primarily, these are: Constitution Theory; Constitution Dogmatism; Constitution History; Constitution Philosophy; Constitution Sociology; Economic Theory of Constitution; Constitution Politics. This is the result of multilateral constitution studies and it does not consider artificial separation of disciplines. It is caused by the objective reality that involves every segment of the constitution. Though, the goal is the same: maximization of effectiveness of the constitution. This is a small thesis project and initially our goal was not to make a comprehensive study of the issues and we did not claim for it. The main goal is to raise a number of issues in the studies of constitutional law of Georgia. Therefore one thing is clear: The constitution is in anticipation of the Georgian constitutionalists.


Constitution; theory of constitution; constitution dogmatism

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