Expertise and Problems of Justice / ექსპერტიზა და მართლმსაჯულების პრობლემები

Guram Rostiashvili, Gia Dekanozishvili


The work "Expertise and Problems of Justice" discusses the major problems related to expertise. The considerations that contradict or agree the legal norms and scientific theories exiting up today are well-reasoned. It should be stated that a lot of works have been dedicated to the issues related to expertise; though, a number of issues should be studied and improved.
The consideration about the significance of expertise in the criminal law procedure is unambiguously stated in the work and is determined its place. The idea that expertise does not belong to the sphere of studying criminal law procedure is developed in the work, though it is very important for legal proceeding.
It is determined in the work that expertise is an independent filed of research which has its own subject of research, goals and objectives.
The goal and objectives of expertise are not solution of legal issues, carrying out investigatory and procedural activities and fight against crime. This is what distinguished it from other fields of juridical sciences. That is why- an expert’s conclusion is a source of independent evidences.


forensic; conclusion; evidence;

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