New Considerations on The Sino-European Relation, From The Pelations, From The Perspective of The Global Balance of Power. The Mirage of The Silk Road

Don-Alexandru Popescu


The world today is a mess, there is no doubt about it. But probably this is also how the contemporaries of other historical ti mes saw their present. We could rather say that the internati onal order is diffi cult to predict at the beginning of a century which is already dominated by very confusing moves and combinati ons. Using the author’s own means of research and observati on (fi eld research, the percepti on of reality from the perspecti ve of the study of history, and a compared dimension), this arti cle wishes to shed some light on a part of the role played by the European Union in the internati onal policy under the circumstances of the fast transformati ons suff ered by the global economic and
security environment. The strategic relati on with China is worth discussing at several levels (depending on the various categories of interests); our considerati ons about the course of the strategic partnership between the two powers and
about the current evoluti ons of the internati onal scene try to provide only some necessary benchmarks for an overall understanding of this diplomati c closeness.
The United States and Russia are global phenomena with complex, eventful trajectories and a direct impact on modern universal history. Having emerged on the internati onal arena approximately at the same ti me, the evoluti on of the European Union and China (the name Zhōngguó means the Middle Kingdom) is not refl ected in the adopti on or appropriation of the features of the old dualist model generated by the two ideologically opposing groups, the West and the East. They both try specifi c governing and extension formulas: the first chooses the road of the European integrati on and thus stands out in the classical landscape of intergovernmental cooperati on and transnati onal dialogue between the states and the second counts on the advantages of its physical architecture which generates prosperity, to make its presence felt on the global scene. Last but not least, the arti cle wishes to bring forward, within a certain contextual framework, those essenti al elements of civilisati on which provide an easier understanding of the surrounding political and economic realities, advancing new reflection leads.


International system;diplomacy;foreign policy;China;European Union;USA;Russia;strategic partnership;European affairs;Eurasia;the Asia-Pacific area

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