On Some Current Significant Problems Existing in Georgian Justice System / საქართველოს მართლმსაჯულებაში არსებული ზოგიერთი აქტუალური პრობლემის შესახებ

Valeri Khrustali


Recently, some changes and additions have been made to several legislative acts, including the Civil Procedural Code. Unfortunately, some of them haven’t been fully and thoroughly comprehended by the author, which contributed to the establishment of the institutions and rules that are not in compliance with the recognized principles of the civil procedural law.
The presented thesis deals with some current significant problems existing in Georgian Justice system, the existence of which violates the rights of the individuals involved in the civil process.
In this thesis, the necessity of elimination of the abovementioned problems is substantiated and the solutions to the problems are also shown.


justice; court; problems;

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