Full Review Of Jury System In Georgia And The Ways Of Improving The System / საქართველოში ნაფიც მსაჯულთა სასამართლოს სისტემის მიმოხილვა და მისი გაუმჯობესების გზები

Fridon Diasamidze


The present article discusses the jury trial system in Georgia. The paper fully analyzes jury trial in various perspectives. The author provides a detailed review of not only the world history of jury trial but also – history of the system in Georgia. A comprehensive study of different kinds of systems and a comparative legal analysis are also included. Main attention is paid to Georgian legislation, particularly on the issue about how the system is regulated by procedural norms. The paper examines famous cases regarding jury trial and provides a detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of the system. Finally, the author suggests certain recommendations for improving the system: ● to expand jurisdiction of the jury trial system to cover corruption crimes; ● lawyers or law students, physiologists, and physiatrists should not be allowed to become a member of the jury; ● to raise minimal age of a member of jury to 23 year; ● to modify and advance the law programs and courses that will be focused on improving advocacy skills of lawyers within the jury trial system; ● to amend certain articles of Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia that are vague and ambiguous.


Court, Judge, Case

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