The Role Of Legal Education On System Of Justice Of Georgia / იურიდიული განათლების როლი მართლმსაჯულების სისტემის სრულყოფაში

Tatia Dolidze


On 13 June of 1997 year, Georgian parliament adopted organic law of Common Courts. This was the beginning of long term judicial reform in our country. Unfortunately, For that time implementing of judicial reform was impossible, because of political and social factors. A new phase of reform of the judiciary started in 2005. The judicial reform is still in process. While implementing the reform role of legal education is very important. Main issues in this sphere are: a. organizing effective internship system for students, b.systematization of court decisions; c. changing system of legal education. Without coordinating activities of judicial system and law schools, judicial reform will not be successful.


Open book, Deccesion, Law school

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