Parliamentary Control Mechanisms Over The Activities Of The State Special Services / საპარლამენტო კონტროლის მექანიზმები სპეცსამსახურების საქმიანობაზე

Ilia Khutsishvili


State special services are responsible for protecting the state from internal and external threats. Its objective is to maintain peace and stability so that state institutions can function properly and in accordance with the fundamental principles of a democracy, including, the rule of law, division of powers and respect for human rights.
In order to carry out their mission effectively, special services are often invested with special powers enabling them, for instance, to gather otherwise inaccessible information, work in secrecy and use force legitimately. However, because of the power which they confer, these powers carry with them the risk of misuse or abuse. Wherever such risks become reality, security sector institutions deviate from their legitimate mission and threaten to undermine the democratically elected government which they are expected to serve.
It is particularly important to carry out parliamentary oversight over special services of the state that excludes unlawful usurpation of power by security services. The article mainly aims to identify parliamentary supervision mechanisms over the activities of special services.
The parliament is an important component of the supervision system as it is one of the foundations for determining the quality of democracy in the state. While the mandate and scope of parliamentary supervision vary in different countries, its main function is to oversight the activities of special services and determine their activity areas and main directions.


Parliament, Special services, Oversight

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