Weapon As A Pledge Object / იარაღი, როგორც გირავნობის ობიექტი

Giorgi Glazovi


Today, in the period of free market economy, material values, including needs, are of great importance for a human’s well-being and development. Therefore, it necessitates the protection/provision of these values (needs).
Pledge holds one of the first places in law which ensures needs. As pledge exists on real objects, it protects the creditor from the debtor’s insolvency. For this reason, it represents the creditor’s object of interest. In order to ensure the creditor’s needs, it would be appropriate to select valuable property. However, while selecting some of them, such as, a weapon-a gun, a rifle, a pistol, a sword, a dagger, a knife, etc. with the purpose of pledging them, the questions arise concerning their capacity of pledge. With the aim of satisfying the pledger’s needs, especially, when the debtor (pledgee) owns a valuable weapon and is willing to turn this weapon into the object of securing his/her duties, it is desirable to ask the following questions: 1) Is it possible to pledge a weapon? 2) If it is, then how? The answers to the questions are as follows: 1) Yes, it is possible to pledge a weapon as it is subject to pledge. 2) In most cases, in order to pledge a weapon, we will have to refer to public registry office. However, it would be more justifiable if the questions connected with the pledge of the weapon were in the domain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Georgian law determines neither the body for registering a weapon as pledge nor the functions of the body throughout the period while the pledge is in action. The purpose of the research is to review the difficulties existing in this direction with an aim of solving them.


Demand, Provision, Registering

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