Necessity To Ensure Transparency Of Certain Aspects Of Activities Performed By Non‐Profit (Non‐Commercial) Legal Entities In Georgia / არასამეწარმეო (არაკომერციული) იურიდიული პირების საქმიანობის ზოგიერთი ასპექტის გამჭვირვალობის უზრუნველყოფის აუცილებლობა საქართველოში

Ana Gurieli


The research analyzes the risks associated with non-transparency of the work of non-profit (non-commercial) legal entities registered in Georgia. Specifically, the research clarifies that the issue of publicity of the information about financial resources received by the non-commercial legal entities, when the source of funding is a foreign state, is not regulated. As a result, the necessity of legislation changes is substantiated.
Taking into consideration successful practice, it is clearly defined what type of information shall be public and available to the interested parties. Undoubtedly, no matter what kind of approach the state has to the issue of criminal liability of a legal person, transparency of certain aspects connected with their work will ensure to reveal the alleged offenses committed by them.


Publicity, Registry, Responsibility

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